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Paul Grindlay's Performances–


“… he is one of Canada’s finest singers… There aren’t too many bass voices with the agility, range and burnished radiant tones of Paul Grindlay…” The Wholenote

“Bass-baritone Paul Grindlay is blessed with a beautiful, clear voice, and his tortured Seneca was outstanding (Coronation of Poppea).” Opera Canada

“And, belying his own slight frame, bass-baritone Paul Grindlay was a blast as the beastly giant Polyphemus (Acis and Galatea).” Toronto Star

“… and Paul Grindlay singing superbly as Jesus (St. John Passion).” San Francisco Chronicle

“Bass Paul Grindlay was, on the other hand, nothing short of magnificent. Brilliantly realized text delivered with drama and in a voice that was noble toned and heavy with meaning… this was the finest bass delivery of Charles Jennens’ text I think I have ever heard (Messiah).” Hamilton Spectator

“Paul Grindlay’s flawless bass voice carries the other two voices effortlessly and sends chills down the spine during the brief solos.” The Wholenote

“… and Paul Grindlay’s bass work was also memorable in a performance that was always tasteful.” Toronto Star

“…bass Paul Grindlay has grown and matured over the years in this role (Jesus in the St. John Passion). His dignified, strong projection of the inescapable fate that awaited him and his resonant voicing of this understanding, was highly impressive.” Monterey County Herald

“The genius artist, “Vertigo,” (for Gluck a fringe character, through whom he mocks himself) is with the English bass-baritone, Paul Grindlay, in every respect advantageously cast.” Translated from Salzburger Nachrichten

“In a brilliant display of vocal technique, Paul Grindlay was very persuasive… In fact, he was so persuasive that at some points everyone’s eyes seemed to be fixed in his direction. His technical skills were shown through the strength of his voice and his mastery of long legato phrases.” Kingston Whig-Standard

“Vocal bass Paul Grindlay brought his sweet, rich voice to the recital…” The Monterey County Herald

“… the bass of Paul Grindlay with its excellent tone and pitch was often outstanding… Grindlay seized every opportunity, notably resonant in the Laudate Pueri” Toronto Sun

“Paul Grindlay’s Antonio was a comic cameo of worth.” Toronto Star

“The bold voice of Paul Grindlay brought a majestic quality, rich in overtones, to the role of Saul, and a deep, ponderous tone to the voice of Samuel (Davide et Jonathas).” Opera Canada