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What people have said about Paul as a teacher:

In the Calgary music community Paul Grindlay is held in the highest esteem, and as a male vocalist he is considered without equal. His work with the world renowned Tafelmusik Choir as well as his appearances as soloist with professional orchestras such as the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, put him a cut above most male singers in Alberta. As a violinist and conductor I have worked with numerous singers, and I can unequivocally state that Paul Grindlay is the most intellectual, knowledgeable and musically thoughtful male singer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He excels in all musical areas including musical sensitivity, interpretation and the understanding of all musical styles, from Renaissance to Contemporary to Popular music. Indeed, it is unusual that that for someone with such a distinguished background in Classical music he is so at home with Popular music. His knowledge of diction and tone production, and his ability to demonstrate at a level achieved by few professional singers, are inspiring not just to the kids but to other professional musicians, such as myself. His musical imagination and ability to reveal musical meaning through word painting and imagery constitute an intellectual and musical aptitude that is hard to find, and which is of immense value to the kids… Having a conductor of Paul’s distinguished ability and accomplishments makes a strong positive impact to our young boys, and goes a long way towards counteracting the culture of machismo commonly found in our society. Paul is a musical and intellectual powerhouse.
Edmond Agopian (Music Professor, University of Calgary)

Although my son has worked very hard, you have also done such a great job of inspiring him to new levels… you should be very proud as well.
Richard (parent)

You have been the best thing that has happened to our choir in a very long time and please know that you will be definitely missed - not only by the boys but by the parents as well. Your dedication and enthusiasm are rare qualities found in a true teacher/mentor and you displayed both without fail.
Sylvie (parent)

I wanted you to know how much we have enjoyed the choir under your leadership. … I thank you for two wonderful years, and congratulate you for all you have accomplished. Yours will be a very tough act to follow, indeed.
Megan (parent)

I would also like to put in my thanks to Paul for his commitment to the choir. My son has a great amount of respect for him and also thinks he is lots of fun. Justin has been taking some private voice lessons and I was shocked when I asked how the lessons were that he used words like "fantastic" and "wonderful". They have allowed him a different perspective and enjoyment in singing! Paul has a wonderful way with children and has made the singing experience one that is serious but also fun!!
Thanks for your hard work and dedication to my son and those of many others!!
Lisa (parent)

Just a brief note to thank you again for your help with this project (Messiah). Words do not express how much I appreciate your assistance. You are truly gifted and it is a pleasure to work with you.
Kim Raffin (Artistic Director, AMDG Chamber Choir)

WOW! These [voice lesson] reports are awesome. I have never been given this before. The parents will most certainly appreciate them and really feel they had their money's worth. They show you really cared and the parents will get that. The boys will really remember and value this report.
Your sound files are most helpful, as was the Go Tell it on the MOUNTAIN arrangement.
Thank you so much for these reports. I look forward to watching the reactions of the boys and parents when they read them.
Jeannie Pernal (Artistic Director, Grande Prairie Boys Choir)

Thank you again for coming this morning. I really think I got a bargain with you [as clinician]. Thank you for all your information. I will definitely share this info with the students. I really hope to get you back sometime soon,
Lorna MacLachlan (Music Teacher, Western Canada High School)

Thanks for the notes on the singers - this is especially appreciated, as it shares your perspective on these young singers. The feedback I've had from the singers has been very positive. They felt they connected with you and received valuable and applicable/relevant technical advice.
John Wiebe (Artistic Director, Edmonton Youth Choir)

Thanks – I tip my hat to your “thoroughness”! Greatly looking forward to seeing you again, and working with you more down the road.
Torri Airhart (Music Teacher, Heritage Christian Academy)

I would especially like to thank Paul for his coaching - I learned so much in such a short time!
Jennifer Giesbrecht (debut soloist, VoiceScapes’ Sing Along Messiah)